10 Things to Know about Water Park in Lanzarote

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Lanzarote location is in the west of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, but it is of the Spanish provinces of Las Palmas. This fabulous island is one of the Canary Islands with an approximate population of about one hundred and forty thousand inhabitants living in an area size of nearly eight hundred and fifteen square kilometers. Lanzarote is a likely destination for children and adult water parks due to its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean. As such, it calls for action that the top intriguing features about these mesmerizing waterparks ought to be demystified, and we have taken that extra step and narrowed down the top must-know stuff for Lanzarote water parks.

1. Aquapark Costa Teguise

It is notably the largest water park in the whole of Lanzarote due to the large size area it covers and the facilities it is endowed. The Costa Teguise Water Park is opposite the Avenue El Golf on the western side of the island with the disadvantage of not being attached to a hotel. The water park has excellent reception and service delivery from the staff with the water in the water park being good for cooling off. The park is suitable for children of all ages with pools and several water slides available.


  • Name: Aquapark Costa Teguise
  • Address: Avda.Del Golf, Parcela 315 /Avda. Campo de Golf 315,35509, Lanzarote,Spain
  • Email: aquapark­_lanzarote@yahoo.es
  • Phone: (0034)928 59 21 28

2. Dino Water Park


Located off the coast of Playa Blanca a renowned beach in Lanzarote, it gives other water parks competition. Its closeness to the Playa Blanca Hotel ensures services such as room service, foods, and beverages are available for the visitors. This water park has both the adult and children water parks each with different rates for each park applying respectively. The park also offers ice-cream and beverages but no carried food being allowed. The Park opens on daily from 8 to 5 in the evening.


  • Name: Dino Aqua Park
  • Public addmission: €16 – €20 per adult  €14 per child (under 12), Free (Guests staying on site)
  • Available: Throughout the year.
  • Website: http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/playa-blanca-water-parks

3. Aqualava Water Park

The Aqualava Waterpark location in the southern parts of Lanzarote in the Relaxed Lanzasur Complex. The water park is endowed with giant slides and has hotels services for those staying in the compound. The charges are zero for those staying in the complex to access the water park, but those visiting the water park have to pay. The water park is located in a serene environment right for resting and relaxing near the pools. Its location near the El Rio River enables peaceful relaxations and swimming in the river currents. The water park has both the children section and the adult section. The pools in Aqualava Waterpark are fresh due to the use of underground steam to heat the water hence the ideal water park.


  • Name: Aqualava Water Park
  • Address: Avenida de Gran Canaria S/N | Parcela 26 Montana Roja, 35580 Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain
  • Phone: +34 928.517.533
  • Website: http://www.relaxia.net/es/inicio#_=_

4. Rancho Texas Park

A Sea Lion
Source: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (Lmbuga)

It serves different from other water parks where the clients tend to enjoy the water by swimming and other activities. Rancho Texas Waterpark is a fully fledged park with activities ranging from bird watching to the water animals in the pools. Animals in the park that are quite a scenery include the white tiger of Bengal. Sea lions are also in the park with visitor getting a chance to swim with them under supervision but at a costly price. There are water slides and swimming pools available to enjoy even though they are not big but with delicious local food available at the park it’s worth the visit.


  • Name: Rancho Texas Park
  • Address: Alcalde Cabrera Torres, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain
  • Phone: +34 928 51 68 97
  • Website: http://ranchotexaslanzarote.com/en/

5. Lanzasur Hotel Water Park

The water park in Lanzasur location is inside the Lanzasur Club based in Playa Blanca. The hotel together with the waterpark staff is of the top class as they are very dedicated. Food freshly made, and accommodation is also available at the hotel. The swimming pools available are too with one having heated water and the other having cool water. The pools are of the best standards with the water being as clean as possible. Moreover, the prices are quite fair added on to the expenses to the hotel.


  • Name: Lanzasur Hotel Water Park.
  • Address: Avenida de Gran Canaria, 35580 Playa Blanca, Las Palmas, Spain
  • Phone: +34 928 51 75 33
  • Website: http://www.relaxia.net/es/lanzasur-apartamentos-lanzarote

6. Floating Water Park

The Floating Water Park exists in Puerto del Carmel off the coastline of Playa Grande. It’s quite a unique water park as it floats in the shallow water of the coast. The floating water park has got unique features ranging from elastic beds and slides. The water park attracts quite a large number of people since its one of its kind. Foods from local cuisine such as tapas are available offshore despite as well as drinks and joint spots available. The price is a bit over the budget due to the fact it’s one of its kinds, but that cannot be compared to the experience one gets from the floating water park. Lifeguards are always on standby in case of anything. It’s a must go for brave lads.


  • Name: Floating Water Park
  • Location: Puerto del Carmen
  • Information: http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/floating-water-park-puerto-del-carmen

7. Water Sports

In most of the named water parks, it is very unlike to miss water sports to participate. The water sports range from swimming completions and water slide racing. For the sports to be of relevance, it is advisable to choose water parks that have large spaces such as The Aqua Park Teguise that have a large pool as well as slides. Despite the other water parks not having big swimming pools, they can be still enjoyed by just simply swimming or having pool volleyball. Water makes a visit to water parks joyful and resourceful.

8. Transportation

Lanzarote Bus
Source: catlovers

The water parks in Lanzarote are readily available by any means possible. The better part is that some of the water parks offer transport for their esteemed customers. This service is necessary to know just in case a person gets lost or doesn’t know where some of the water parks available. Public means of transport such as taxis can be of service when moving to and from the water parks. The knowledge of available transport means is necessary to avoid inconveniences during visits to the water parks.

9. Foods and Beverages

Water parks in Lanzarote do not allow foods and beverages into water parks. The reason for this rule is that some people may decide to leave the leftovers in the water parks. The leftovers may seem small, but they are a menace in the long run. Containers carrying foods left in water parks may cause blockages in the waterways of the whole park. The blockages in return cause a stop of the total activities in the park hence no more water park fun activities.

10. Lifeguards

Several accidents may arise from visits to water parks from drowning to injuries. Water parks in Lanzarote have well-trained lifeguards in their water parks for everyone’s safety. For people with medical conditions, they are supposed to give their details before visiting the water parks. Floaters are available for those who don’t know how to swim as required by regulations of setting up water parks. Having this information at hand is one of the steps to enjoying the water parks in Lanzarote fully.

Have a good trip and travel!

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