10 Best Beaches You Must Go in Tenerife

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Source: Jaume Escofet

Tenerife , the largest island of 7 Canary islands, has a land area of 2,034.38 square km. It offers both artificial as well as natural beaches where visitors can relax, have some drinks, and enjoy the nightlife. Here are the lists of some of the famous beaches that you must see during  a visit to Tenerife.

1. El Medano

El Medano is a town located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona. The appealing sandy beaches, mouthwatering restaurants, and cafes and crafts shops attract the visitors in Medano. This place is famous for windsurfing and kite surfing.


  • Name: El Medano
  • Address: Municipality of Granadilla de Abona,  Tenerife island
  • Province: Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Genre: Beach
  • Website: http://www.el-medano-tenerife.com/

2. Playa La Tejita

Playa la Tejita is a beautiful natural beach to explore and play in the waves. The beach is a relaxed location for nudists so you should be beware if you are a shy person.  You can also rent a sun lounger and umbrella for only €4 for the whole day.

  • Name: Playa la Tejita
  • Address: Protegido de Montana Roja, El Medano, Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach

3. Playa de las Teresitas

Playa de las Teresitas is a man-made but the most beautiful beach on Tenerife. Even after seeing the picture of this beach, people obviously want to visit it. The golden sand, nice flood-breaker, and beautiful park attract hundreds of visitors every day.


  • Name: Playa de las Teresitas
  • Address:  Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Tenerife, Spain.
  • Genre: Beach

4.  Playa El Bollullo

Playa El Bollullo is a natural ‘all-round’ beach on Tenerife. Although there are no hotels, the beach has only one beach cafe. You’ll have to struggle a little to get to the beach because the waves are constantly frisky. It is also surrounded by two equally beautiful neighboring beaches.


  • Name:  Playa El Bollullo
  • Address: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach

5. Playa de la Tejita

Playa de la Tejita is a beautiful beach which has almost 24-hour swirling wind. It is one of the best-looking beaches on Tenerife where you can relax with your friends on the sea cost, have some drinks on hotels/cafe, and do some surfing.


  • Name: Playa de la Tejita
  • Address: Montaña Roja, TF 643 road (between Los Abrigos and El Médano) , Tenerife
  • Genre: Beach

6. Playa Jardín

Playa Jardín is another beautiful beach located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The beach has lovely restaurants and showers nearby. The amazing shrines of stones and black sand will boost your trip even more. Make sure you wear comfortable beach shoes to walk on the stones, they’re amazing but painful.


  • Name: Playa Jardín
  • Address: Spanien, Av. Melchor Luz, 2, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach

7. Playa del Duque

Playa del Duque is a perfect natural beach for luxury hotels and shops. The sea is turquoise, the beach is white and straw umbrellas. The beach is very famous but noisy. It is a nice place to watch the world go by. The parking is available underground mall.


  • Name: Playa del Duque
  • Address: Costa Adeje, Costa Adeje, Adeje, Tenerife,Spain
  • Genre: Beach
  • Website: http://www.just-tenerife.com/resorts/playa-del-duque.htm

8. Playa de Abama

Playa de Abama is a nice white sand beach which lies hidden from view in the cliffs below one of Tenerife’s top hotels. Drinking water is free here and the menu is very economical. Although the beach is well-known, it is as calms as the baby is sheltered.


  • Name: Playa de Abama
  • Address: 38687 Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach

9. Playa El Camisón

Playa El Camisón is a lovely beach to relax on during the vacation. The beach is surrounded by lifeguards for a safety of the tourists. It is a very busy beach but very well kept ever day. The place is little more expensive than expected like sun beds, hotels, food costs extra cash.


  • Name: Playa El Camisón
  • Address: Av. Antonio Dominguez, 15, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach

10. Abades

Abades is a natural golden sand beach on the southeast of Tenerife. It is a favorite place for water-sport enthusiasts. Fantastic hotels and bars can be found in this place. Great Place for honeymoon couples.


  • Name: Abades
  • Address: Abades, Local a-6, 38588 Arico, Tenerife, Spain
  • Genre: Beach
  • Website: http://www.tenerife-beaches.info/abades_beach.htm

Have a good trip and travel!