10 Ways to Enjoy Holidays in Alicante

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Source: Roger Davies

Alicante is a popular city in Spain and it is one of the best destinations for enjoying holidays. It has a lot of things to do for visitors and a large number of attractions. You can visit the city at any time of the year. The temperature of the city is mild in winter and hot in summers. Many events are held in the city throughout the year therefore planning holidays around any event of your taste and choice is the best option. Some best ways to enjoy holidays in Alicante are:

1. Visit the unique Castle of Santa Barbara

The top attraction of Alicante is Castle of Santa Barbara. The castle is located on Mount Benacantil at a height of 160 meters. The castle was made in Moorish style in the ninth century. The castle is open for visitors from past 53 years and lifts are installed for the convenience of visitors. After reaching the top of the castle one get a view of how army managed to control the hilltop and region nearby the castle.

2. Enjoy multi cuisines at Mercado Central

Source: DavideSaba

You can enjoy various types of cuisines and foods at Mercado central. It is market located in Mercado and was build in 1920. The inside of the market is very decorative and has two floors. The market has a number of stalls for food lovers. There you can enjoy snacks, sea foods, fish stocks etc. So, along with architecture you can enjoy different flavors at the central market during your holidays.

3. Spend a fantastic day at Terra Mitica

Source: Jeremy Thompson

For spending one day of your vacation in a fantastic way you can go and enjoy at Terra Mitica, the theme park in Alicante. The park focuses mainly on history and there are three themed areas inside the park- Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The Egypt area has a replica of ships, statues and Alexandria lighthouse. In the Rome area you can feel the time of Caesars and in the Greece area, you can enjoy different myths and legends of ancient past. Wide varieties of rides are also there in every area for young ones.

4. Explore the architecture at Provincial Archaeological Museum

Source: Carole Raddato

The museum is one of the famous place related to archaeology and different collections are showed in a conventional way. The museum mainly focuses on educational values and provides a unique experience to the visitors of all ages. The museum is divided into three galleries named as the field, urban and underwater archaeology. Every gallery displays unique dioramas of Paleolithic times.

5. Take a visit to Museo Volvo Ocean Race

The museum is related to the history of Ocean race which was started in 1973 and was undertook by Volvo in 2001. The race started from Alicante since 2008 and the museum depicts every single detail related to race like all the interactive elements, games boats, and sailors who participated in this event. So, the museum is a very sensuous place for all the ocean race lovers.

6. Feel the fire at events in Alicante

If you are fond of festivals and events Alicante is a good option to enjoy them. Just check the dates prior coming to the city and choose the festival or event of your choice to make yourself fully entertained. Some important festivals and events of the city are The Alicante Carnival, Semana Santa, Cruces de Mayo, The Moors and Christians, Hogueras de San Juan etc.

7. Feel the passion at nightclubs in Alicante

The city is known for some of its best nightlife spots in all over the Spain. For people of every taste, there are bars, nightclubs, pubs and other entertainment places available in the city. Most famous among them are El Puerto and El Barrio. El Puerto is famous for its lively nightlife which is a center of attraction for visitors and locals. El Barrio is known for narrow lanes and bars and its location in the area of Esplanade.

8. Feel the thrill by enjoying Kayaking and Snorkeling at Playa De La Granadella

For the adventure and thrill lovers, there is something very interesting to enjoy at Alicante and that is Snorkeling and kayaking at Playa De La Granadella. This place is also enjoyed with family and friends and it is the best way to discover beaches and amazing beauty of the shores.

9. Get relaxed at Beaches in Alicante

Source: Deepa Paul

There are about 170 beaches on the coast of Alicante city and the most popular among them are Postiguet Beach. This beach is the best option for relaxing and enjoying the water and the sun. Near the beach, Esplanade is located which gives the enjoyment of beach along with the cafe.

10. Pleasure the wines of Alicante

Source: Kent Wang

If you are wine lover then Alicante is the best place you have chosen as the holiday destination. The city offers wide varieties of wines and wine tours where wines can be tasted. It can also be enjoyed in restaurants and bars of the city. The most tasted wine of the city is Fondillon and top restaurant of the city is Quique Dacosta.

Have a good trip and travel!