10 Best Canarian Cuisine You Must Try

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Source: Lisa Risager

1. Sancocho Canario

Sancocho canario is a traditional food which is specially cooked in holy week festival ‘Viernes Santo’ but also available throughout the year. The dish consists of fish including hake, wrinkle potatoes or sweet potatoes. You can also add red or green mojo to make it more delicious.

2. Gofio Escaldado

This dish comprises of wheat cereal which is layered and then mixed with fish broth, grounded corn, chopped onions and cheese. It is served as a starter with other traditional dishes or a main course.

3. Potaje de Berros

Potaje de berros is a delicious stew made from pork ribs, watercress, beans, potato, corn, sweet potato, garlic, paprika, cumin, oil, salt and water. It is a popular dish mainly eaten in Gran Canaria and La Gomera but can also be found at many other places.

4. Carne de Cabra

It is very tasty and popular dish made of goat meat. Carne de cabra is easily available throughout the Canary Islands. Although many people don’t like to eat goat meat, but this famous dish is very appetizing and hard to resist.

5. Queso Asado con Mojo

Spain produces one of the best quality cheeses in the world. This dish consists of grilled cheese along with mojo which is eaten as a starter. The cheese melts after grilling and green mojo sauce is poured on it to give it a unique and yummy flavor.

6. Pata Asada

Pata asada is a roasted pork leg which is widely eaten at many restaurants and bars in the Canary Islands. It is usually ordered with tapas but can also be eaten as the main course. You can also find this in many supermarkets.

7. Frangollo

This is very delicious dessert which is not easily available in restaurants. It is made of milk, lemon, sugar, cornmeal, egg, butter, and nuts. You will see many variations of this dish throughout the Islands.

8. Quesadilla (Cheese Tortilla)

It is one of the most popular homemade dishes in the Canary Islands. This dessert is made from cheese, wheat flour, egg, sugar, anise and lemon. Don’t give it a miss if you are in the Canary Islands.

9. Papas Arrugadas Con Mojo Verde

You’ll probably hear about wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce if you visit the Canary Islands. This dish is very popular in Islands and it only contains potatoes cooked with salt and water and later served with a special green sauce made with various ingredients.

10. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is a delicious stew made from meat and vegetables. It is one of the most eaten dishes in Canarian cuisine. It is also available in other parts but with some variations. These days, ropa vieja is also cooked with seafood mainly octopus.

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