12 Months in Tenerife

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Source: Jan Kraus

Located in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is one of Spain’s most well-known islands. This gives it a slightly different character to mainland Spain, but it still has a lot of the country’s traditions. With it being a very temperate climate, the weather is pleasant throughout the year. This means that there are plenty of things to do every month, and holidaymakers can sample its many fiestas, as well as the more famous celebrations such as the carnival before Lent begins. Here are some of the best things to do from January to December.


Puerto de la Cruz
Source: Till Krech

The first week or so of the year is dominated by the procession of the three kings, or Procession de Reyes, which takes place on the 5th January each year. This is still a holy time, and on that particular day locals attend mass, and there are processions in Puerto de la Cruz and other places around the island. The following day is the day of the three kings, and presents are given out on this national holiday. This theme runs throughout the month with various religious idols honoured, such as the fiesta of Adeje on the 20th of the month. There is plenty to get involved in and see during this time on Tenerife, and it is an interesting month to experience some of the island’s traditions.

Antonio Abad
Source: Jose Mesa

In Arona, on the 17th of January each year, you can see Romería San Antonio Abad, a great festival celebrating local folklore and traditions. This is an event which includes a lot of interesting Canarian culture, and there are traditional dances on show, as well as processions in the streets.

Other January Events


  • Name: Romeria Güímar
  • Place: Across the Island
  • Dates: Last Sunday of the month


Carnival 3
Source: Jose Mesa

If you’re going to visit Tenerife at any time of year, then February is the month to do it. This is the month of Carnival, a spectacular event in Santa Cruz, and across the island which takes place at the end of the month. It is one of the most famous events of its kind in the world and hundreds of thousands of people attend from many different countries. There are processions of dancers in incredible costumes, with floats and all sorts of things. You could be forgiven for thinking you’re in Rio, and the carnival in Brazil is probably the only one bigger across the globe.

Carnival 2
Source: Jose Mesa

On the Wednesday, the carnival queen is chosen, and on the Friday there are processions through the streets announcing that the celebrations have begun. These continue over the weekend and on the Saturday there is a focus on dancing and music. The day before the finale (Tuesday) on Monday is a day of eating, as the focus switches to food. Over the course of the week, there is absolutely something for everyone, and it is Tenerife’s pride.

Other February Events


  • Name: The festival of the Saint of Candelaria
  • Place: Across the Island
  • Dates: February 2nd


Los Cristianos (2)
Source: Jose Miguel

Following February, March can feel a little quiet on the island, but only by comparison. It is an interesting month on the island, as you can still feel the echoes of carnival, with many smaller local events going on, and also it’s the beginning of Lent, marking the run-up to Easter. For example, Los Cristianos in the south has its own smaller carnival with dressing up, dancing, music and more. This takes place in the first week or so of the month, and there are lots of events and performances that go on in the town that are linked to that. Other towns have their own versions around this time as well.

Source: Anna & Michal

Also in this month, there is a night of tapas and wine on the 5th which takes place in Playa San Juan. It is a celebration of some of Spain’s most famous food and drink, and there is music as well. It is a nice, relaxed environment to enjoy some of Tenerife’s casual culture.


Source: simonsimages

April is important all across Spain, and it is no different in April. This is the month in which Easter falls, and there are numerous celebrations surrounding this. On various days there are religious processions in the streets, such as Mourn day Thursday and Good Friday. These ceremonies happen in all the towns across the island. It is essentially a family occasion, but it’s a very interesting time to visit, as you can see one of the year’s main events that has been celebrated for centuries. Santa Cruz and Adeje have some very nice celebrations, as does La Laguna.

Easter Procession
Source: simonsimages

In La Laguna, the whole week is marked by fascinating events, such as the Holy Burial and the Silent Procession. It is one of the best towns to go to at this time, as you can immerse yourself in the ancient tradition and atmosphere of Easter. The town has a real spiritual focus that is interesting to be a part of.

Other April Events


  • Name: Fiesta de San Marcos
  • Place: Tegueste
  • Dates: April 25th


Santa Cruz
Source: cortto

May kicks off with May Day, and it marks the start of a month which includes quite a range of events and festivals. One of the most spectacular events is Fueges de Mayo, which is usually celebrated around the island on 3rd May. Many places have spectacular fireworks displays and party into the night. On top of that, many religious crosses are adorned with flowers, and you can see them dotted about the island. The whole island comes alive as many events take place on and around this day. Whatever town or city you decide to stay in, there will be these celebrations.

Fueges de Mayo 1
Source: Wikimedia

On the 2nd May, as well, in Santa Cruz there is a local festival. This festival celebrates local Canarian culture and traditions. You can find food, drink, decorations and dancing. It is yet another of Tenerife’s year-round events that showcase the unique identity of the island and its inhabitants.

Other May Events


  • Name: El dia de Canarias
  • Place: Across the Island
  • Dates: May 30th


  • Name: International Jazz Week
  • Place: La Laguna
  • Dates: Middle of May


Corpus Christi
Source: Secret Tenerife

June is a packed month of activities as Tenerife gets into its summer months. This is when a lot of tourists start streaming in, so there is a lively feel to the island. One of the most interesting celebrations is Corpus Christi, which is celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday every year. It’s an age-old religious tradition, and there is quite an aesthetic delight on show across Tenerife. The roads are closed off in most towns and they are adorned with beautiful carpets of flowers. At the end of the festival, there is a procession which goes over the carpets. After that, there is a fiesta, with music and dancing and everything else you would expect from a Canarian celebration. It can get quite busy with tourists, but it’s well worth going to.

Corpus Christi 2
Source: Secret Tenerife

Another event in June is the Festival of San Juan, which is celebrated around the 23rd of the month. Traditionally, the people of the island washed their animals in the sea on this day, and some still do. They also light bonfires, and you can see other celebrations at this time as well.

Other June Events


  • Name: Festival of the Holy Pedros
  • Place: Güímar and El Sauzal
  • Dates: June 29th


La Laguna
Source: Miguel Angel Garcia.

July sees many events related to the religion and traditional culture of Tenerife. In the second week of the month, the saint of agriculture, Benito, is celebrated with a rather unique event. For each of the seven islands, one woman carries fruit and flowers to offer to the saint. The seven women are all dressed in traditional Canarian costume as well. There is also a procession, and music being played. The event is well attended, and an interesting break from summer sunbathing at the beach.

Fiesta de Carmen
Source: Wikimedia

Another great event during this month is the Fiestas del Carmen, which takes place on the 16th of July. There are street processions, music and more, and large crowds come out to celebrate and party with each other. It is another religiously inspired event, so expect colourful costumes and decorations.

Other July Events


  • Name: Festival of the Holy Benito Abad
  • Place: Acorss Tenerife
  • Dates: Second Sunday of the Month


August is, of course, a busy month on the island, as people from all over Europe and beyond take their summer holidays and head to Tenerife. It has sun, sand, sea, and of course, festivals. One of the most notable celebrations during the month is the Virgen de Candelaria, which is traditionally celebrated with hikes over the island’s hills and a morning mass. Nowadays there is a fiesta, complete with all the energy that you would expect from a Canarian event, with music, dancing and general partying. It is held on the 15th of the month every year.

Icod de los Vinos
Source: Miguel Angel Garcia.

In Icod de los Vinos in the third week of August, there is a festival to celebrate Santa Barbara. Small buns are made in animal shapes and handed out from churches. They have ribbons on the top, which are also traditionally worn by girls who are ready to marry.

Other August Events


  • Name: Romería of San Rocque
  • Place: Garachico
  • Dates: Second Sunday of the Month


El Socorro
Source: Jose Mesa

September is known as a great month to visit Spain, and Tenerife is no exception. The summer heat may have cooled off a bit, but it is still very pleasant, and for a lot of people the weather is more bearable. There is a tremendous amount of things to see and do in this month. One event which takes place on the 7th of September in Guimar is the festival of Socorro. People of the town take to the streets, which are decorated with beautiful lights and ribbons. People spend the day enjoying music and other things with friends and family and carry the fun on into the night.

Source: Jan Kraus

There are other events in the month as well, such as festivities honouring Jesus Christ which takes place on varying dates in mid-September depending on what town you’re in. There are impressive firework displays to mark the occasion.

Other September Events


  • Name: Festival of the Virgin of the Lights
  • Place: Los Silos
  • Dates: September 8th


Source: Wikimedia

The month of October sees events all over the island, but there are a couple of notable ones in the town of Adeje. On the 1st Sunday of the month, the town celebrates the religious occasion of Romería de Nuestra Señora de La Encarnación. There are decorations and observations surrounding this event. On the second week of the month, there is also an homage to the Holy Ursula, which is celebrated traditionally with a pilgrimage. This event is also marked elsewhere on the island. It’s interesting to be a part of as you can really get a sense of the spiritual tradition of the island. Of course with this event comes food, music and dancing.

Los Remedios
Source: Secret Tenerife

On the 25th of the month, there is also a celebration in honour of the Virgin de los Remedios. This is another religious observation in what is quite a holy month in terms of events on the island, and streets are decorated to mark the event.


All Saints (2)
Source: Diariocritico de Venezuela

November starts with a day honouring the dead, as All Saints’ takes place on the 1st of the month. Although it sounds solemn, and a lot of the religious observations earlier in the day are, as it passes through the afternoon and the evening it turns into a celebration. Friends and family get together to celebrate those lost, ancestors, and those who are still with us. People eat traditional Canarian food and drink traditional wine to enjoy the night. It’s an event with a unique feel, which is traditional and contributes to a very warm atmosphere across the island on that day.

Wine 2
Source: Secret Tenerife

An event with a difference is the San Andres fiesta taking place on the 29th and 30th of November. Taking place in Icod and Puerto de la Cruz, this age old festival is when local cellars bring out their new wines for tasting. Accompanied by folk music, it’s among Tenerife’s most fun nights.


Source: Secret Tenerife

Although December is a cooler month for weather, it is without a doubt a very warm one in terms of atmosphere. Nativity scenes dotted around the island will show you that the island is gearing up for Christmas, and it is a month in which traditions are followed and Canarian food and drink are consumed. There are a few different pubic holidays over the month, such as Fiesta de la Purisima Concepcion on which there is another religious celebration.  For Christmas, there are various concerts, nativity plays and other traditional events associated with this time of year. Although there is always a local feel, visitors are of course welcome to join in the festivities. On Christmas Eve, it is also worth checking out the midnight mass in Puerto de la Cruz.

New Year
Source: Sarah Ackerman

One of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations is in  Plaza del Charco in Puerto de la Cruz. There are spectacular fireworks marking the start of the new year, and large crowds gather to celebrate together, with drinking, dancing and a great general coming together of local people and travellers to the island.

Other December Events


  • Name: Aniversario de la Promulgación de la Constitución Española
  • Place: Across the Island
  • Dates: December 6th

Have a good trip and travel!

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