12 Months in Rio de Janeiro (January – December)

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Rio De Janeiro
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” Rio de Janeiro” means ” River of January ” in Portuguese. This is a place not to be missed when you come to Brazil. Located along the Atlantic coast, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. It has a typical tropical climate with a long stretch of sandy beach, the beauty of the Tijuca National Park and the Botanical Gardens, the hills around Guanabara Bay…, all these advantages create the harmony in an attractive destination!


Source: Edgardo W. Olivera

January is the month of Summer in Rio. It brings the heat and humidity of the tropical features. In this time, people will experience the celebration of 2 biggest events: Day of St. Sebastian and New Year’s Eve.  The St. Sebastian’s Day is organized to celebrate and honor St. Sebastian, the one who has faith in Christianity. In this celebration, tourists can participate many activities with the local people or enjoy the parade. Furthermore, Rio de Janeiro hosts the most attractive New Year’s party in the world. Partiers come to this event from all over the country and the world to share joy and happiness with the others. Fireworks, music performances, and other activities are also performed in this celebration.


  • Name: St. Sebastian’s Day
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro
  • Date: 20th January


  • Name: New Year’s Eve
  • Location: Copacabana
  • Date:1st January


If tourists want to have a good time with family and friends in a place with full of beautiful dancers, colorful costumes, Rio is the best option for that. This place is the most attractive destination in Brazil with spectacular Carnival in February. This celebration is one of the most wonderful festivals on Earth, with attendance of many local people and international tourists. This festival will last from February to early March in several sites in Brazil, but Rio is the most attractive one! In this attractive festival, the dancers will perform a Samba Parade, with colorful colors and interesting activities. Do not forget to take photos with your friends and families in this special occasion!


  • Name: Carnival.
  • Date: Early February to mid-March
  • Location: Throughout Brazil, but the largest places are Rio, Salvador, and Recife
  • Contact: Riotur (tel. 021/2271-7000)
  • Website: www.riodejaneiro-turismo.com.br

Other February Event


  • Name: The Darcy Riveiro runway
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro
  • Date: February 22nd and 23rd (at night)


March is in the summer time in Rio de Janeiro, it is the perfect occasion for tourists traveling and experiencing. They can spend their holiday with families and relatives in attractive spots in this area. Furthermore, March features the comfortable weather with a lot of sunny days. A good suggestion is that tourists should participate in the Carnival (which is continued from February), taking some photos and experiencing the atmosphere of the festival.


Source: diogo86

Drizzle and high humidity is the typical feature in this time. April is the end of Summer in Rio, it finishes the seasons with high rainfall and cool temperature, about 21oC. This time is the occasion of Easter week, with various activities. Tourists can buy the Easter eggs as the souvenir for families and friends after a trip in April. Many groups of people will take charge of decorating the streets to serve the procession on Sunday. Along with canvas rugs, carpets, coffee powder and flowers are also used for the procession on Easter Sunday in this place.


  • Name: Easter Weekend (Semana Santa),
  • Date: The 3rd /4th week of April (Sunday)
  • Location: throughout Brazil
  • Contact: Ouro Preto Tourist Information (tel. 031/3551-1469)
  • Website: www.ouropreto.org.br


This is one of the best times in a year, with cool weather and the clear sky. It is very suitable for tourists to have a trip to visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This is one of the famous statues of Jesus in the world. This statue is the 5th largest statue in the world with a height of 30 m, 8 m excluding the base. Arm span of up to 28 meters long. The statue is placed on top of Corcovado mountain and it has become the most famous symbol of Rio de Janeiro.

Other May Events


  • Name:Labor Day
  • Date: 1 May
  • Location: Throughout Brazil


  • Name:Victory Day
  • Date: 18 May
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro


June is the beginning month of the winter in Rio. The significant in this season is that weather is not too harsh and severe as in Russia, USA or in the other countries.  This time is also beautiful with low rainfall, so tourists can pay a visit to some famous spots in this area. A small suggestion is that tourists should book or reserve accommodation before coming because this is the peak time of traveling. An attractive site that tourists should come is Copacabana beach. It is the most beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. It is also one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Many people call it “princess of the sea”, or “Paradise Resort “. At this beach, the stretch of road is about 4.5 kilometers, with 63 hotels and 10 hostels. There are many bars, pubs, and entertainment zones in this area.


Similar to June, July features the weather of winter. July is a good option for those who want to swim in cool water (not cold!). In other country, tourists can enjoy the warm water in beach or swimming pool, but in here, Rio will bring a different feeling for you in the middle of the year. July will have unexpected rainy days, in that case, you should bring umbrella or rain coat to use.

Other July Event


  • Name: Fireman’s Day (Dia do Bombeiro)
  • Date:2 July
  • Location:Rio de Janeiro


Source: Mike Vondran

When tourists come to Rio at this time, traveling to explore attractive spots is the best idea. One of the suggestions is Maracana Stadium. It is the world ‘s most famous stadium with important sporting events. Maracana stadium is also one of the attractive destinations and the most famous site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Inaugurated in 1950, when the 4th World Cup was hosted in Brazil, Maracana has become the pride of the people in Brazil as well as Rio de Janeiro. The stadium provides seats for nearly 200,000 people. Recently, this place is mostly used for football matches among the major football clubs in Rio de Janeiro. Along with the stadium, tourists can visit the Tijuca National Forest. It is not only the attractive site in Rio de Janeiro but also the home of various kinds of wild animals and plants in the Red Book.

Other August Events


  • Name:Folklore Day
  • Date: 22 August
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro


  • Name:Soldier’s Day
  • Date: 25 August
  • Location: Throughout Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.


Source: Christian Haugen

September is the beginning of the transitional time in Rio. With a pleasant climate and comfortable atmosphere, September is the good suggestion of time for those who want to have a vacation in beautiful sites of Brazil. September marks the historical event of Brazil, the celebration of Independence Day. In this occasion, people will participate in the activities with excitement, joy, and happiness. All street are decorated with colorful banners and balloons. At night, there will be a fireworks display, which is one of the most special occasions in the year.


  • Name: Brazil’s Independence Day
  • Location: throughout Brazil, Rio
  • Date: September 7


This is the last month in the transitional time of the year, with less rainfall, pleasant climate, cool weather and clear sky. It is also the suitable time for tourists to visit and explore attractive sites in Rio. If you want to explore the famous sites in this place, you should go to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Sugar Loaf in Rio is also known as”Pão de Acucar” (In Portuguese). This mountain is located in the city of Rio, at Guanabara Bay, which is near the Atlantic Ocean. You can use the cable cars to explore the mountains, enjoying the stunning scenery and taking impressive photos. At the top of the mountain,  there are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir areas, and several benches for the tourists. This is the place that you can watch the sunset in the Guanabara Bay.


It is the beginning of summer time, with heat and high humidity. November is a good choice for tourists to visit many attractive destinations in Rio, such as: Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian. This church has the unique and modern architecture, designed by Edgar Fonceca, built from 1964 to 1979. The church has four giant doors, with 64 meters long and many glass windows. Located in downtown Rio, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian is an attractive place for many tourists and the religious place for the local people in Rio.


It is the last month of a year but in the Summer time. Tourist can experience the lifestyle and participate various activities and events in this month. There are various events and festivals in December in Rio de Janeiro. The most outstanding festival is Christmas Day. People will see the decorated pine trees, snowmen, colorful clothes. The children will have a good time with their family, waiting for Santa Clause’s presents from the chimney. Along with that, the festival of the Goddess of the Sea, Reveillon day and the King and Queen of the Sea are also the must-see events in December.


  • Name: King and Queen of the Sea (Rei e Rainha do Mar)
  • Date: Early December
  • Location: Copacabana beach


  • Name: Umbanda – Festival of the Goddess of the Sea
  • Date: 31st December
  • Location: Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema beach


  • Name: Reveillon Day
  • Date: December 31
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro


  • Name: Christmas Day
  • Date: 24th December
  • Location: Throughout Brazil

Have a good trip and travel!

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