15 Things To Do in Brasilia

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Source: Governo do Brasil

The capital city of Brazil, Brasilia is a planned city and a great example of modernist architecture which attracts not only tourists but also architecture aficionados. The city is a blend of green & urban regions which makes it an exceptional spot to visit in Brazil. In 1987, due to its amazing architecture, the city of Brasilia was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Though the city is not a major tourist destination in Brazil, but there are many places and buildings which you will not find anywhere in the world. Here are top things to do in Brasilia.

1. Visit the Famous Brazilian Congress

National Congress of Brazil
Source : Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

The National Congress of Brazil constitutes of the House of the Parliament which is the tower in the middle, the Chamber of Deputies which is at one side of the tower, and the seat of the Senate which is an arch structure situated to the left side of the tower. The National Congress of Brazil building is arranged in the focal point of the Monumental Axis. There is an enormous green lawn before the primary building, where exhibitions occur. It is one of the architectural landmarks of the city.


  • Name: National Congress of Brazil
  • Address : Palácio do Congresso Nacional – Praça dos 3 Poderes, Brasília
  • Timings : 8:30AM–5:30PM

2. Visit the Beautiful Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasília
Source : Bgabel

The Cathedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida is one of the most amazing designed church is Brazil dedicated to the Archdiocese of Brasília. Built in a hyperboloid structure, the church building’s sections look like two hands climbing towards the sky, which seems like if someone is praying. A tasteful chime tower stands near the house of prayer. The bells in the tower were donated by Spain. It is located by the National Stadium. The house of prayer opens every day, with the exception of amid the Mass. Millions of tourist visit this awesomely designed cathedral every year.


  • Name: Cathedral of Brasília
  • Address : Esplanada dos Ministérios, lote 12, Brasília – DF, 70050-000, Brazil
  • Timings: 8AM–6PM

3. Take a Walk at Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge
Source: Mugnatto

A standout amongst the most famous landmark of the city, Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge is a brilliant piece of the contemporary structural style over Lake Paranoa. Around evening time the bridge looks sensational because of the impact of the lights. It is named after one of the previous president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira.If you want to visit this bridge than visit it during dusk when the bridge looks awesome in scintillating lights.

4. Visit Itiquira Waterfall

Situated in Parque Municipal do Itiquira, Itiquira waterfall tumbling from 168 meters is the highest waterfall in entire Brazil.The park of Itiquira is a beautiful place full of greenery and one of the best destination for day trips from the capital city. Guests will discover a nature trail, swimming or simply unwinding in nature. If you want some place closer to nature than this is the best place you can go in Brasilia.

5. Watch a Show at National Theater Cláudio Santoro

Designed by the well-knew architect Oscar Niemeyer, National Theater Cláudio Santoro was built in 1966 and was named after Cláudio Santoro who was the renowned Brazilian violinist , conductor, and composer. The National Theater comprises of three theater lobbies which offer spots for about 1,800 individuals and shows theater exhibitions, as well as shows and conventions.

6. National Park of Brasilia

Brasília National Park
Source: Antônio Cruz/ABr

The National Park of Brasília is located on the outskirts of the city. It was initiated in 1961, and various creature species are living there, for example, monkeys. In the surroundings, there are pools for swimming, which are simply brimming with normal mineral water. It is the ideal park for the entire family and is famously gone to by both local people and vacationers.


  • Name: National Park of Brasilia
  • Address:Rodovia DF 003, Km 8,5, Zona Industrial, Brasília, Brazil

7. Itamaraty Palace

Itamaraty Palace
Source: xenïa antunes

A standout amongst the most noticeable structural piece of Oscar Niemeyer, Palácio to Itamaraty incorporates the Ministry of the Interior. Encompassed by green lawns and pools , the veneer is made out of long vertical curves and glass structure. The inside is totally one of a kind and enlivened with creative outlines. The palace is one of its kinds and has a huge room inside which overlooks the garden which was designed by Burle Marx. It is a must visit place in Brasilia.

8. Enjoy a Day at Paranoá Lake

Paranoá Lake
Source: The Gentle

It is a man-made a lake that was planned while planning to build the city, however, its development was just put into the track in the 1950s when Juscelino Kubitschek used to be the president of Brazil. It has a most extreme profundity of 30 meters and has three little islands, which were made while the lake was overflowed. It is ideal for swimming, unwinding, water sports, and getting a charge out of the lovely sunsets in the nighttimes.

9. Palácio da Alvorada

Palácio da Alvorada
Source: Ricardo Stuckert

It is the official home of the President of Brazil which is one of the significant works of famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. This royal residence is well known for its columns, which give a specific measure of style. The castle is for the most part secured with glass and open to general society, resembles a refined manner for rest. Castle is encompassed by water, a huge swimming pool & a lake. Palácio da Alvorada can be visited on Wednesday by public.

10. Watch Sunset from Ermida Dom Bosco

The dusk in Brasília is lovely from pretty much anyplace, yet the perfect spot of all to enjoy the most beautiful one is at the Ermida Dom Bosco, a Niemeyer designed altar over the man-made Paranoa Lake from the Pilot Plan. This place is crowded by a number of locals and tourist who vanishes as the sunset is over. Try not to take after the masses: be there and wait or enjoy some snacks from the vendors there and catch the staggering oranges & reds & lavenders that fill the sky around 20 minutes after the sunset.

11. Enjoy Samba Dance

Source: PlidaoUrbenia

In the city of Brasilia , Samba during the dusk is a Saturday custom around the local area, keeping in mind the bars that host it may not be much to take a gander at. The most smoking spot nowadays is Cadê Tereza , while Calaf is another acclaimed spot to appreciate Samba Dance. Samba Dance is one of the most famous cultural dance of Brazil and one of the must-do things when you are in Brazil.

12. Attend Festival de Cinema Brasileiro

Festival de Brasília
Source: José Cruz/ABr

Festival de Brasília or Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro is one of the most famous film festivals that is held in Brasilia city of Brazil. The Festival de Cinema Brasileiro happens late October – early November and screens a number of famous and independent movies that will be coming in the following years. Both short and highlight movies are exhibited, however, they don’t have any subtitles.


  • Name: Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro
  • Time: October – early November

13. Shopping in Brasilia

The residential areas of the Brasilia have numerous shops, for example, foodstuffs, drugstores, bread cooks, eateries, beauticians and more, and that is the place townspeople do quite a bit of their day by day shopping. Shopping Malls here likewise have essential influence with regards to shopping around the local area. Setor de Diversões is a genuinely pleasant shopping zone located at the heart of the city. During Sundays, you can also explore the famous flea market near the Television Tower. Half of the shops are likewise open amid the week where you can buy some local arts and souvenirs.

14. Enjoy Nightlife of Brasilia

Though Brasilia is not a famous tourist destination which makes people think that there would be nothing to enjoy night time here . Some tourists will say that it’s boring here, while others will emphatically protect the city by saying that it has all that you have to encounter an extraordinary night, much the same as in Rio de Janeiro, or different spots. It offers an extensive variety of elite upscale Brasília eateries and bars, of which most of them can be located in Asa Sul region.

15. Relax and Enjoy at City Park

It is one of the most famous parks in the city of Brasilia. This park comprises of a major green zone and is a tad bit greater than City’s Central Park of the New York . Different occasions are held in City Park of Brasilia. Most prominent games being played here are cycling, Kart racing, and skating. The park comprises of a swimming pool where simulated waves are created. This park is additionally prevalent among individuals who love running as running tracks have likewise been made here.

Have a good trip and travel!