20 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Brazil

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Source: Phil Whitehouse

Souvenirs are an excellent way to remember all your globetrotting adventures. You can keep them to yourself, or you can buy a couple for your friends and family. They are excellent keepsakes that will look gorgeous on your shelves. Since Brazil is a very diverse country, every region has something distinctive to offer to its visitors. You will be able to get a variety of souvenirs from here and they will remind you of the time you spent in Brazil forever.

1. Hammock

Hammocks made in Brazil are more durable than the ones sold anywhere else in the world. They are a true representative of the Brazil’s laid back culture so if you want to go back, all you need to do is securely tie it to a couple of trees and you’ll be able to at least get a small feeling of this gorgeous country.

2. Cangas


Cangas can be seen on every beach in Brazil and they are most commonly used as towels. They are beautifully decorated and you can take a couple of them back home in order to add that something to your living room or your parlor. They can be bought almost everywhere so you will have no trouble finding the perfect canga for you.

3. Coffee

Yes, there are so many coffee brands that advertise themselves as the original Brazilian coffee, but the truth is they taste completely different from the coffee bought in Brazil. Make sure you purchase a couple of packages while you are there, especially if you are a big coffee drinker. It will make you fall in love with coffee all over again.

4. Cachaça

Cachaça is made of sugar cane and it is the most popular alcoholic beverage in this country. It is the essential part of cocktails so if you love mixing up different flavors, don’t forget to buy a bottle before you head back home, it will come in handy when you want to take a trip down the memory lane.

5. Flip-flops

Beach life is a very important part of Brazilian culture and flip-flops are the perfect symbol of it. Buying a pair while you are in this country is a way to go because you will always be reminded of Brazil, beautiful coastlines, and the feeling of sand underneath your feet.

6. Soapstone

Soapstones are a very popular souvenir. They can be found almost everywhere, but these gorgeous carvings originally came from the town called Minas Gerais. Each soapstone is a work of art and you will be able to purchase candles, carved boxes, and so on. Plus, they are very affordable.

7. Handmade things

Each weekend is reserved for a market day and you will be able to find various hand-made items such as quilts, woodcarvings, statues, and paintings. The prices are also very low here and you will be able to get a gorgeous souvenir from Brazil for just a fraction of a price.

8. Moqueca pot

If you love cooking, buying a moqueca pot is an excellent investment. Yes, these pots look enormous but you can always choose a smaller size that is more travel friendly. You will be able to prepare a traditional Brazilian stew in this pot – just make sure you know the exact recipe.

9. Gemstones

If you like unique souvenirs that will look absolutely gorgeous on your shelves, go for figurines made of gemstones. They are very common in the markets and you will be able to choose from a variety of designs. These figurines are handmade and the local artists really pay close attention to the quality of their work.

10. Guarana

Guarana is an absolute favorite for both the locals and the visitors. So if you want a quick pick-me-up, purchase one of the products that is made directly from guarana fruit. There are many versions and they are stronger than any energy drink or coffee. You can find this at any health store.

11. Cantão

If you happen to be in Rio, make sure you check out cantão dresses. They are very light, flowy, and absolutely gorgeous. Cantão dresses are an ideal summer wear and you will probably find a beautiful design that will fit your style and make you feel like a beach goddess.

12. Soccer shirts

As you already know, soccer is huge in Brazil. If you want to score an awesome and unique souvenir for your friends or yourself, buy a retro football shirt. There are plenty of shops that sell these shirt editions only and you will be able to choose from a variety of clubs and national teams.

13. Ceramics

If you happen to stroll down any shopping street in Brazil, you will notice a lot of vendors selling handmade ceramics. Their designs are incredible and it is clear they create these items with a lot of love. Handmade ceramics are an excellent investment but make sure you pack them safely in your bag.

14. Beauty products

There are many shops selling natural beauty products made from ingredients that can only be found in Brazil. They are high quality and organic, so your skin will adore it. The prices vary depending on the manufacturer, but you will be able to find super affordable soaps and other products easily.

15. Bikini

This list would be incomplete without a bikini. What makes Brazilian bikinis so special is the fact that the designs are created to fit every body shape and they celebrate the curves. Bikinis are revealing, but the models sold in Brazil know exactly what to cover up, and what to show.

16. Olympic souvenirs

If you happen to go to Brazil during this summer, you should definitely purchase an item or two related to the upcoming Olympic Games. It is a global event that will be watched by millions of people worldwide and it will be a great keepsake for the years to come.

17. Pão de Mel


If you want to bring the taste of Brazil back home, the best way is to buy Pão de Mel. These honey cake desserts will be able to survive your trip back home and they will not melt or fall apart. You can buy a bunch and gift them to your family and friends.

18. Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is one of the symbols of Brazil and buying a miniature figurine or a magnet for your family or your friends is an excellent idea. These souvenirs are among the bestsellers and you will be able to choose a size or a design of your Christ the Redeemer statue.

19. Papel Crafts

If you are into stationary, you should definitely visit Papel Craft store. They offer a large number of unique and handmade items including travel journals with their own cover designs. They also have gorgeous and one of a kind postcards inspired by polaroid photos that will look amazing on your fridge

20. Musical Instruments

Finally, if you have some extra space in your luggage, you should purchase a handmade musical instrument. Music is an important part of culture in this country, especially capoeira music. Berimbau is the most popular item and you can buy a smaller size of this instrument which will be easier to transport back home.

There are so many things to see and buy in Brazil. With so many marketplaces and souvenir shops around, you will have no trouble finding a right gift. So keep your eyes open once you get out there and look for the best souvenirs that will bring an air of Brazil to your home.
Have a good trip and travel!

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