15 Restaurants to Go in Rio De Janeiro

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Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro BrazilSource: T.Tseng

The city of Rio de Janeiro is more popularized by carnivals and street parties. What comes with this is the need to nourish the body and satisfy the palate. Take in the gastronomic scene of Rio to discover traditional Brazilian cuisine and the fusion of all tastes around the world. For a city that emanates life and energy, you need to keep up and not forget food. From local restaurants to amazing street food, here are our top picks.

1. Acaraje da Nega Teresa

Take the climb to the old neighborhood to of Santa Teresa and treat yourself to some of the best street food around. Bean patties stuffed with shrimps, tomatoes, hot sauce, okra, and other secrets that make this one treat not to be missed. The owner, Nega Teresa, whips up Bahian dishes that are traditional to the North East of Brazil. Come in casual the place is packed with both locals and tourists. This little tend may get crowded.


  • Name: Acaraje da Nega Teresa
  • Address: Rua Almirante Alexandrino 1458
    Rio de Janeiro, 20241-263
  • Phone: + 55 21 2232-1310
  • Opening hour: Thu – Sun. 6 pm – 11 pm
  • Website: http://www.negateresa.com

2. Amazonia Soul

The Acai berry that is used at this street venue is one of the world’s ‘super food,’ and is native to the Amazon. It said to give energy as well as keep you looking young and vibrant. One thing is for sure it seems to be working for the beautiful people of Brazil. Amazonia Soul also serves up amazing seafood soups and other native dishes to keep you wanting more.


  • Name: Amazonia Soul
  • Address: Rua Teixeira de Melo, 37, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sun. 11 am – 9 pm
  • Phone: +55 21 2247-1028
  • Website: http://www.amazoniasoul.com.br

3. Porcão

The Procao restaurant offers up some great cuts of beef and pork grilled to delight. This Churrascarias style restaurant provides an extensive buffet table with a tasty salad bar and other traditional Brazilian food. If you are in for an all-you-can-eat challenge, this is the place to be. Visit either one of the three Procao restaurants. the one in Ipanema Beach offers a great view of the bay walk. the top choice would be the Porcao at Guanabara Bay as it offers an amazing view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and the bay.


  • Name: Porcão
  • Address: Ipanema; Rua Barão da Torre, 218 Rio De Janeiro
  • Phone: + 55 21 2554 8535
  • Website: http://www.porcao.com.br

4. BB Lanches

Open very late this spot offers up freshness at this best with its fresh fruit smoothies, pastels, and sandwiches. BB Lanches is a great place for breakfast, midnight snack or a hangover fix. The price is great, and the locals love it. BB Lanches is close to the beach and the boardwalk, very convenient location for the pedestrians.


  • Name: BB Lanches
  • Address: Rua Aristides Espinola 64 | Loja A, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22440-050, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Sun- Thu. 830 am – 330 am, Fri – Sat 830 am – 5 am
  • Phone: +55 21 2294-1397
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/BB-Lanches

5. Curto Café

This coffee shop is a bit different from the Starbucks you are used to. With no set price, you pay what you think is fair. the priceless concept is attractive to consumers as they get to have informed decisions on the actual cost of the coffee they are getting. A chalkboard hands on the counter with an account of the cafe’s operations. Having some of the best Brazilian coffee around the city with an unassuming façade will make the coffee lover in you jump for joy.


  • Name: Curto Cafe
  • Address: AV. Erasmos Braga 278, Sobreloja Quiosque 47 (Terminal Menezes Cortes – Edificio Garagem) CENTRO, 20020-000 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Mon- Fri. 10 am – 5 pm
  • Phone: +55 21 98323-0183
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/curtocafe

6. Balada Mix Ipanema

Sit and watch the stream of people walking by on the boardwalk of Ipanema. Balada Mix gives a great location for relaxing and dining. This restaurant offers a huge menu of burgers, grilled meats, salads, pizzas, and fruit juices. There are a couple of Balada Mix chains around Rio. The accessibility makes Balada Mix a go-to place for quick lunches or snacks.


  • Name: Balada Mix Ipanema
  • Address: Rua Anibal de Mendonca, n031 | Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro
  • Price: R$ 20 – R$ 69
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sun 9 am – 12 am
  • Phone: +55 21 2147-0111
  • Website: http://www.baladamixrestaurante.com.br

7. Cafe do Alto

Café do Alto is a restaurant set in traditional Portuguese style. This place is located in Santa Teresa a cozy café serving culinary delights that customers call amazing. With food from Northern Brazil, the colorful and hearty dishes are sure to satisfy. If you bring a big party, we recommend that you reserve a table ahead of time.


  • Name: Cafe do Alto
  • Address:  Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno,  (no Largo do Guimarães) nº 143 – Santa Teresa,
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Opening hour: Tue  – Fri. 12 pm – 10 pm, Sat – Sun. 9 am – 10 pm, Mon. 12 pm – 8 pm
  • Phone: +55 21 2507 3172
  • Website: http://www.cafedoalto.com.br

8. Emporio Jardim

Get breakfast all day at Emporio Jardin restaurant. There are seventy-six dishes to choose from to build your custom plate. This bistro, delicatessen, and bakery provide a big menu with gluten free and vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the friendly staff, the relaxing atmosphere, and the healthy food.


  • Name: Emporio Jardim
  • Address: Rua Visconde da Graca, 51 | Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22461 010, Brazil
  • Price: R$ 16 – R$ 30
  • Opening hour: Sun – Thu. 8 am – 10 pm, Fri – Sat 8 am – 11 pm
  • Phone: +55 21 2535-9862
  • Website: http://www.emporiojardimrio.com.br

9. Mamma Jamma

Pizza! What would the world without it? It is a favorite around the world, and Rio has its place for your fix. Mamma Jamma will curb your craving with its tasty Italian style pizza, and they deliver too. This trendy spot is well received as seen in many reviews. This pizzeria is proud to present the homemade dough that makes Mamma Jamma’s oven-baked pizza extra special.


  • Name: Mamma Jamma
  • Address: Rua Saturnino de Brito, 50 | Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22470-030, Brazil
  • Price: R$ 66 – R$ 165
  • Opening hour: Mon – Thu. 6 pm – 1230 am. Fri -Sat. 6 pm- 1am, Sun 6 pm – 12 am.
  • Phone:  + 55  21 3875 1223
  • Website: http://www.mammajamma.com.br

10. Bar do David

Located on a hillside favela, lies a small eatery that does not look like much, but the food is award winning. This little gem is hidden behind a gymnasium so be sure to look for it. With a full bar and a great menu, Bar do David will not disappoint. The price is easy on the pocket, and the servings are hefty.


  • Name: Bar do David
  • Address: Ladeira Ari Barroso, 66 Loja 03 | Chapeu Mangueira – Leme, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22010-060, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Tue – Sun. 10 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: :+55 21 96483-1046
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/BardoDavidOficial

11. Da Roberta

This unassuming food truck cooks up some amazing brisket sandwiches served up on sourdough bread. Do not forget to try the pastrami as well. So sit back, grab a few beers, and a huge sandwich to keep you going. Da Roberta is a perfect place for a quick bite on the go.


  • Name: Da Roberta
  • Address: Rua Tubira 8A, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Daily 730 pm – 11 pm
  • Phone: + 55 21 2239 1103
  • Website: http://www.robertasudbrack.com.br

 12. Via Sete

Enjoy fantastic food and great service in this upscale restaurant that offers a wide selection of burgers, steaks, and salads. With patio seating, you can sip from the many specialty drinks while delighting your taste buds on fine cuisine. Via Sete is a restaurant conveniently located in the center of Ipanema.


  • Name: Via Sete
  • Address: Rua Garcia d’Avila, 125 | Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22420-000, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Sun – Tue. 12 pm – 12 am. Wed. 12pm – 2 am. Thu – Sat. 12 pm – 4 am.
  • Phone: + 55 21 2512 8100
  • Website: http://www.viasete.com.br

13. X Tudo Burger

The street stall X Tudo Burger is an all night burger joint that serve up monster burgers that are perfect for the midnight snack. If you are out and partying, sometimes all you need is a burger before hitting another spot. X Tudo will never disappoint as they welcome you with quick service and delectable burgers. Indeed, not all burgers are created equal.


  • Name: X Tudo Burger
  • Address: Av. do Contorno, 6283, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sat. 5 pm – 7 am Sun. 6 pm – 7 am.
  • Phone: +55 31 3234-2210
  • Website: http://www.xtudosanduiches.com.br

14. Zaza Bistro Tropical

Zaza Bistro Tropical is one of the first contemporary establishments in Rio. The restaurant’s goal is to make food that is healthy, as well as a delight to the senses. Food put together with a variety of world flavors are sure to bring your pallet to life. Zaza Bistro is housed in a mansion. Asian and Moroccan dishes are the specialty of this pretty restaurant.


  • Name: Zaza Bistro Tropical
  • Address: Rua Joana Angelica, 40, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22420-030, Brazil
  • Price: R$ 115 – R$ 200
  • Opening hour: Mon – Tue. 730 pm – 1230 am. Wed – Thu. 12 pm – 1230 am. Fri. 12 pm – 130 am. Sat. 1 pm – 130 am. Sun 1 pm – 1230 am.
  • Phone: + 55 21 2247 9101
  • Website: http://www.zazabistro.com.br

15. Rio Scenarium

What makes Rio Scenarium stand out from the rest is its central location. It is housed in an old building with many antiques and grand staircases. The old house consists of three levels. One is where you can find the restaurant, you can then move on to the drinks and finally, have some Samba dancing as the night progress. A local hot spot with live music, great food, and drinks will give you a real Brazilian experience.


  • Name: Rio Scenarium
  • Address:  Rua Do Lavradio 20, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 20230-070, Brazil
  • Opening hour: Tue – Thu. 630 pm – 230 am. Fri. 7 pm – 230 am. Sat. 830 pm – 430 am.
  •  Phone: +55 21-3147-9000
  • Website: http://www.rioscenarium.art.br

Rio has so much to offer in its culinary diversity from fine dining to the budgeted street food. If you are adventurous enough, you can discover the best eateries in the favelas. Rio has its own rough edges, so best to bring a local with you when going to the inner parts of the city. Other than this, the beach and the rest of the city is wide open to all kinds of cuisines. There is something for everyone in Rio so bring your hunger for  life, love, and food to Rio.

Have a good trip and travel!