7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco Ferry

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San Francisco Ferry Building

Source: Michele Ursino

San Francisco Ferry is basically a terminal for ferries that extends itself up to San Francisco Bay Bridge and is located in Embarcadero in California. This building is one of the best marketplace available in San Francisco and it has a wide food hall and office building. If you love to have your photographs clicked so as to make your movements memorable you can even move in to photo gallery which is there on the ground floor of building. On top of the building there is 245-feet tall clock tower which is always an attraction for the new comers. Also an estimate of more than 11,000 people come to visit this place everyday. Well there are many reasons for one to visit ferry building while touring to San Francisco and some of the best reasons are mentioned below:

1 History of Ferry Building

History of Ferry Building

Source: Jitze Couperus

The Ferry building has very important and unique history. That’s why it is must visit place while touring San Francisco. The place was originally built in 1898 but because it has become obsolete and does not attract much people the offer for redevelopment of ferry was issued and an amount of $110 was invested by private investors for restoration process. Earlier this building was not much attractive but now with the passage of time, many travelers love to visit the building and enjoy the hustle & bustle there.

2 The Location of Ferry Building

The Location of Ferry Building 1

Source: Daniel Ramirez

The ferry building is located just next to bay bridge and provides a beautiful view of the Bay. Also in its background it provides a mind blowing view of Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island and Justin Herman plaza. The ferry is transit hub which connects all the neighborhood and bay communities. The building is such an source of attraction for families which came there to spend their vacations.

3 The Food offered in Ferry Building

The Food offered in Ferry Building

Source: Kārlis Dambrāns

The Ferry building provides wide variety of food options basically Californian food which is very fresh, varied and delicious. It also serves special types of meats along with oysters which is made with olive oil. There are large and small shops in the ferry which serves more than 10,000 dishes which represent diversity and quality of San Francisco.

4 The Shopping Destination

The Shopping Destination Ferry Building

Source: Clay Gilliland

The Ferry building has more than 100 shops which sell wide variety of unique gifts treats, gourmet chocolates, baked items, garden items, local food products, wines, beers, confectionery items and books related to culture and traditions of San Francisco. So, it can be said a perfect place for shopaholics. San Francisco famous farmers market is also located at the ground floor of the building.

5 Structure and Architecture of Building

Inside The Ferry Building

Source: Sonny Abesamis

The Structure and Architecture of the building is very attractive. The building is a masterpiece in itself and its name is registered under National Register of Historic Places. The building was designed by American Architect A. Page brown in style of Baux Arts and completed in 1898. Its clock tower is somewhat similar to Giralde Bell Tower of Spain. This clock is original clock made in 1898 by Boston clock maker E. Howard. The building interior is built like old train stations of Europe. The whole interior is made of high quality material such as marble and mosaics.

6 Operational Features of Ferry

Operational Features of Ferry

Source: Patrick Nouhailler

The Ferry building provides its services to Oakland Ferry terminal in Oakland, California, The Almada Ferry terminal in Almada, Vallejo ferry terminal in Vallejo. It also provide services to Larspur landing , Sausalito ferry terminal in California. The San Francisco state is also planning to expand its ferry services to other destinations such as Redwood City, Berkeley and Treasure Island. As it provide services to many nearby places therefore it becomes easy for tourists to reach this place through ferry and enjoy its features.

7 Important Places Nearby Ferry Building

Places Nearby Ferry Building

Source: Håkan Dahlström

After wandering in ferry building one can enjoy places nearby it because it is located in the centre of the city and all the important landmarks are very near to this place. One can enjoy Piers, Bay view, Coit Tower, China Town, Financial District (Union Square) which are just few miles away from the ferry. There is a beautiful fountain sculpture near the ferry building which is quiet amazing and it always provides a different experience.


  • Name: San Francisco Ferry Building
  • Opened: 1898
  • Area: 1 ha
  • Owners: Port of San Francisco
  • Architect: Arthur Page Brown
  • Architectural styles: Beaux-Arts architecture, Classical Revival

Have a good trip and travel!