7 Things To Know About Stockton Metropolitan Airport

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Stockton Metropolitan AirportSource: Eric Silva

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) is located around three to four miles southeast downtown of Stockton City and eleven miles north of Manteca. Bringing and flying commercial and private airlines from around the States, SCK is the aviation hub of San Joaquin County. The airport, which is sitting on 1552 acres of land, is relatively small. However, it boasts of a large runway, which is one of the longest runways in the region. Whether you are coming or going, this airport will help you along the way with new flights to Southern California as well as the Bay area.

Here are 7 things to know about the Stockton Metropolitan Airport:

1. Airport Facilities

Committed to service the general aviation needs of the whole county, this airport prides on its state-of-the-art amenities. See that everything is digital and getting through the security is hassle-free at the airport. Charging stations for Laptop and mobile devices are available in the area. You can also check the few restaurants or be at the lounge while waiting for your flight. The bar and the waiting area overlook the tarmac. You and your kids will enjoy looking at the planes as they leave and arrive. SCK also have cargo shipping services. They also rent a hangar or lease tie-down spaces for private planes.


  • Name: Stockton Metropolitan Airport
  • Address: 500 S Airport Way, Stockton, CA 95206
  • Code: SCK
  • Elevation: 10 M
  • Telephone Number: +1 209-468-4700
  • Website: www.sjgov.org/airport

2. Flights to and from SCK

There are 12 flights to and from Stockton. The top flights routes are for Las Vegas, Reno, and San Diego. Depending on the season, the prices of the ticket could vary. You can search online for the cheapest travel deals offered by online travel agencies or even from the airlines. Two major carriers fly back and forth SCK: Allegiant and Air Transportation International (ATI). See below the routes from SCK. If you are flying from Stockton, flights are cheaper as compared to flying out of the bigger cities.


  • Stockton (SCK) –  Las Vegas (LAS), ticket price starts at $44
  • Las Vegas (LAS) – Stockton (SCK), ticket price starts at $51
  • Stockton (SCK) – Long Beach (LGB), ticket price starts at $206.19
  • Long Beach (LGB)-Stockton (SCK), ticket price starts at $209.76
  • Stockton (SCK) – Palm Springs (PSP), ticket price starts at $240.84
  • Palm Springs (PSP) – Stockton (SCK), ticket price starts at $240.84
  • Stockton (SCK) – Laughlin Bullhead International (IFP), ticket price not available
  • Laughlin Bullhead International (IFP) – Stockton (SCK), ticket price not available
  • Stockton (SCK) – Seattle-Tacoma (SEA), ticket price starts at $230.71
  • Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) – Stockton (SCK), ticket price starts at $143.19
  • Stockton (SCK) – San Francisco (SFO), ticket price starts at $ 220.14
  • Stockton (SCK) – Fairbanks (FAI), ticket price not available

3. Checking In

Before flying, check online for flight status to see last minute cancellations. If all is good, then get there early. Check-in closes an hour before the flight. The nice thing about this airport is, the line moves quickly even if you arrive a little behind schedule. Delays are short. You will be underway in no time. You will have the same routine about security. So be prepared to remove your shoes and your bags checked.

4. Reliable Airline Partners

Stockton Metropolitan Airport has broadened their scope to serve the public better with a few new partners like Allegiant Air and Air Transport International (ATI). Air Transportation International operates in the air cargo of aviation helping to move products and goods around the state. Allegiant Air provides public air transportation with low cost and new destinations throughout the States. With these new partners, SCK is rapidly on its way to being a major stopover. It goes to see that SCK is looking to the future to serve the San Joaquin Valley.


  • Name: Allegiant Air
  • Telephone number: +1 702-505-8888
  • Website: www.allegiantair.com
  • Name: Air Transport International, Inc.
  • Telephone number: +1 937-382-5591, +1-800-866-2844
  • Website: www.airtransport.cc

5. Airport Rides

Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Source: Atomic Taco

Getting to the airport or going around the city is not a problem. There are several airport shuttle services stationed at the airport. You can go to the Information desk and inquire for the best ride that will suit your needs. Information and booking counters from the shuttle and cab companies are also available. Just look out for their signage. The rides at the airport include cabs, busses, vans, and limousines. Do not forget to check the rates of the transportation you select. It is best to compare the prices. If you wish to call a cab or shuttles to get you to and from the airport, here are the contact numbers of the most reliable transport companies in Stockton City.


  • SCK Super Shuttle, +1-800 BLUE VAN (258-3826)
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car, +1 209-983-3735, +1 209-234-3897
  • Yellow Cab Company of Stockton, Manteca, Turlock, +1 209-465-5721
  • Stockton Express Taxi Shuttle, +1-209-406-2135
  • Affordable Transportation Services, +1-209-931-5772
  • Skylight Limousine, +1-866-526-7103
  • Royal Shuttle, +1-209-982-0601
  • Lucky Limousine, +1-209-923-7071
  • MaryLou’s All Airport & City Taxi Cab, +1-209-993-7915
  • Luxor Coach Limousine, +1-209-595-4444

6. Food For Flight

Are you hungry and on the go? Or maybe you need a cocktail to settle your nerves before take-off or you may find yourself with a layover SCK. The Top Flight Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at their outdoor seating and a spacious restaurant floor. On Saturdays, they are closed. Top Flight Grill also offers, catering for events and gatherings. You do not have to be a traveler to enjoy Top Flight Grill. Subway is another restaurant in SCK. It offers the alternative with sandwich, soda and chips, perfect for eating on the go.


  • Name: Top Flight Grill and Catering
  • Telephone number: +1-209-944-7780
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Thu 1030am – 5pm; Fri – 1030am-9pm; Sat – Closed; Sun- 12pm – 3pm, 6pm-9pm
  • Name: Subway
  • Telephone number: +1 1-209-983-3901
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 7am-9pm; Fri – Sat 7am – 10pm; Sun – 7am -9pm

 7. Parking & Access

Stockton Metroplitan AirportSource: Markus Spiske

Can we park our car? Where do we park? How much will it cost me? Stockton Metropolitan Airport provides a parking area that is free on daytime. For overnight parking, a $10 fee is charged. So if you leave on a Friday, and you return on Monday the cost will be $30. In addition to handicap access, SCK parking is located right in front of the terminal with easy access to the ticketing counters. For overnight fees coins, notes and credit cards are accepted. For parking inquiries, call +1 209-468-4700.


  • Daytime: Free Use
  • Overnight Fee: $10/night
  • Lost Parking Ticket Fee: $49
  • Telephone number: +1-209-468-4700
  • Where to pay: Pay upon exit or at pay station located in the terminal

Traveling via SCK is reasonably cheaper. It could be the low landing fees or the cost-effective operation of the airport management. What the locals and travelers would say is SCK airport is personalized and convenient. It is a small airport in size but quick in service. There are no International Flights from SCK but it is enough to bring you to other bigger destinations or closer to home.

Have a good trip and travel!