15 Things to Do in Sakai: Japan

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Sakai Futon
Source: Wikimedia

The city of Sakai has much to offer to the visitor with its attractions fairly close to each other. From a short weekend to weeks, you can enjoy Sakai for however long you like. These fifteen attractions are the best we have chosen for you to help you get a head start on Sakai.

1. Daisenryo Ancient Tomb

The first attraction you should see in Sakai as recommended by TripAdvisor is the Daisenryo Ancient Tomb. It is a key-holed shape and the largest tomb in Japan. You can spend an enjoyable hour walking around the entire tomb.


  • Name: Daisenryo Ancient Tomb
  • Address:  Daisencho, Sakai-ku, Sakai 590-0035, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.kunaicho.go.jp/ryobo/guide/016/index.html#_=_

2. Hamadera Park

The most beautiful park in Sakai is Hamadera Park. This park is pet-friendly and has a pine forest within. It is great for play time and it spreads to the waterfront. Spread out and enjoy the greenery.


  • Name: Hamadera Park
  • Address: http://www.osaka-park.or.jp/rinkai/hamadera/main.html#access#_=_
  • Website: http://www.osaka-park.or.jp/rinkai/hamadera/main.html#access#_=_

3. Sakai City Hall Observatory Flour

For an epic city view, head to the Sakai City Hall Observatory Flour. It is the tallest building in Sakai and you can get to the top floor for a 360-degree view of the city. You can see all of Sakai stretching out to more of Osaka and a view of the Daisenryo Ancient Tomb from above.


  • Name: Sakai City Hall Observatory Flour
  • Address: 3-1 Minamikawaramachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai590-0078, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.sakai-tcb.or.jp/spot/spot.php?act=do_list#_=_

4. Oizumi Ryokuchi

Oizumi Ryokuchi is another main park in Sakai. Here, you will find ginko forests, a skate park, and a playground for children.The designated barbecue areas are great for socializing and getting people together.


  • Name: Oizumi Ryokuchi
  • Address: 128 Kanaoka-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai 591-8022,Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.osaka-park.or.jp/nanbu/oizumi/main.html

5. Daisen Park

Daisen Park is the third major park in Sakai. It is home to the Sakai Festival and located near many other major attractions. The flower garden at Daisen Park is so immaculate, that portion requires an entry fee. There is a lake to enjoy when you want to rest in peace.


  • Name: Daisen Park
  • Address: 2-204 Mozusekiuncho, Sakai Ward, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture 590-0802
  • Website: https://www.city.sakai.lg.jp/kurashi/koen/shokai/shokai/daisen.html

6. Sakai City Museum

This next attraction is an added benefit of visiting Daisen Park. Sakai City Museum is located within Daisen Park and only opened in 1980. Although it is more on the modern side, it holds many artifacts and exhibits for all ages.


  • Name: Sakai City Museum
  • Address: Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Sakai-ku, Mozusekiun-cho, in the 2-chome Daisen Park
  • Website: http://www.city.sakai.lg.jp/kanko/hakubutsukan/

7. Alphonse Mucha Museum

The Alphonse Mucha Museum offers a more vibrant and exotic feel in its exhibits. Much of the work is of the famous artist, Alphonse Mucha. This museum actually has a lot of colors, which is different and the displays are eye-popping.


  • Name: http://mucha.sakai-bunshin.com/index.jsp#_=_
  • Address: 1-2-200 Tadeicho, Sakai-ku, Sakai 590-0014 ,Osaka Prefecture
  • Price: 500 yen
  • Holiday: Monday
  • Website: http://mucha.sakai-bunshin.com/index.jsp#_=_

8. Ebaraji Temple

A temple known for wisdom and its own pet cemetery will make this visit a unique one. This temples holds one of the oldest buildings that includes the famous Ieharaji along with other statues. There is so much to see that this temple can keep you entertained for hours.


  • Name: Ebaraji Temple
  • Address: 〒593-8304 Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Nishi Ward, Ebarajicho, 1丁8−20
  • Website: http://www.chiemonjyuebaraji.jp/

9. Ario Otori

Ario Otori holds many different things for the visitor to experience. It is a five story building which has 150 stores and a cinema. You can find anything you need here – food, clothing, electronics, and more.


  • Name: Ario Otori
  • Address: 3-199-12 Otoriminami-machi, Nishi-ku, Sakai593-8325, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.ario-otori.jp/web/

10. Harvest Hill

If you are looking to charm someone, including yourself, head to Harvest Hill. It is a park which will get you active if you like. You can choose from golfing, archery, go-karting, or people watching. If you want to spend your day low key, find a quiet spot by the flowers away from the activities.


  • Name: Harvest Hill
  • Address: 2405-1 Hachigamineji, Minami-ku, Sakai,Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://farm.or.jp/

11. Old Sakai Light House

Located on the waterfront, the Old Sakai Light House is a landmark that overlooks the port. It was built many years ago and it is rare to find others who hold the old form as this one does. Rent a bike and ride on over. Waterfront views at night or sunset are the best.


  • Name: Old Sakai Light House
  • Address: Ohamakitamachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai 590-0974, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/facilities/cat10/post_138.html

12. Hochigai Shrine

For an authentic Japanese day, visit the Hochigai Shrine, which holds the story of Empress Jingu. Many locals come to worship here and it is also home to a festival in May annually. On New Years Day, the shrine is filled with crowds.


  • Name: Hochigai Shrine
  • Address: 〒590-0021 Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Sakai Ward, Kitamikunigaokacho, 2丁2−1
  • Website: http://www.hochigai-jinja.or.jp/

13. Sakai Traditional Industrial Hall

For a historical walk, where one can easily go out for dinner at the many restaurants nearby, make a stop at the Sakai Traditional Industrial Hall. The hall symbolizes cutlery and its past presence. You can view different knives and exhibits when you enter.


  • Name: Sakai Traditional Industrial Hall
  • Address: 1-1-30 Nishi Zaimoku-cho Sakai-ku, Sakai590-0941, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://%20%20%20.sakaidensan.jp/#_=_

14. Bicycle Museum

The Bicycle Museum may be a bit strange, but we recommend you go! Dedicated to bicycles, it continues to be updated annually. Do not miss the basement which has exciting information.


  • Name:  Bicycle Museum
  • Address: 18-2 Daisennakamachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai 590-0801, Osaka Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.bikemuse.jp/#_=_

15. Nanshuji Temple

The Nanshuji Temple serves as a cultural center to those who visit it. It actually burned down during a battle and was rebuilt. There are graves of past Japanese fighters here, volunteers who will show you around, and memorials.


  • Name: Nanshuji Temple
  • Address: 3 Chome-5-12 Honden, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 550-0022
  • Website: http://www.nansouji.or.jp/noukotsudou.html

When you visit Sakai, you will be impressed how much this city has to do. It may be hard to choose which attraction to see first, and we hope you enjoy all of them.

Have a good trip and travel!

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