10 Ramens You Must Eat in Hokkaido

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hokkaido ramen
Source: MIKI Yoshihito

Each district in Japan has the specific variation of ramen, a traditional noodle soup with chicken or pork meat broth and many different toppings. Hokkaido’s capital Sapporo is extremely famous for this kind of food, but you can find numerous ramen restaurants all over Hokkaido. Here are some of the top ones.

1. Daishin

Daishin restaurant has been there for a very long time. It is located in Kiyota-ku, Sapporo and in Tomakomai it also has a branch. They have kept the same flavor of their ramen since they started the restaurant, so if you happen to be in Sapporo and want to try some tasty traditional ramen, this might be the perfect place for you.


  • Name: Daishin
  • Address: Sapporo City, Kiyota-ku, Kitano 3-jo 5-chome 18-11
  • Website: sapporo-daishin.jp-daishin.j

2. Saimi

This is also one of the oldest ramen restaurants in Sapporo and the local people especially love it. It may be a small place, but their opulent miso ramen has become extremely popular with the tourists, too. That’s why you can often see the queues in front of it. Next time you go to Sapporo, you should definitely stop by and check this out!


  • Name: Saimi
  • Address: Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Toyohira-ku, Misono 10-jo, 5-chome 3-3
  • Tel: +81 11-820-6511

3. Sumire

If you are a miso ramen lover, then you must have heard about this popular place. If you want to try this dish for the first time, then you must put Sumire restaurant on the top of your list of excellent ramen restaurants. Their ramen is famous for the amazing flavor and that’s why the place is always busy. They have their own secret recipe that makes this dish outstanding.


  • Name: Sumire
  • Address: Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Toyohira-ku, Nakanoshima 2-jo, 4-chome 7-28
  • Website: sumireya.com

4. Shingen

One of the best miso ramen with rich pork makes a pretty long line in front of Shingen. It is one of the most frequented local places to eat this traditional food. When you decide to taste authentic Sapporo ramen, this is the place to go. You will enjoy the great flavors and forget about the queue. It is highly recommended.


  • Name: Shingen
  • Address: Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Chuo-ku Minami 6-jo 8-chome
  • Tel: +81 11-530-5002

 5. Ebisoba Ichigen

This place is becoming more and more popular. It has been known for its great shrimp based tasty ramen. There are two branches in Sapporo, in Susukino and at New Chitose Airport. You can choose one from the three different types of this traditional soup and come later and try the other two. You won’t regret it. You might even become addicted to this marvelous taste!


  • Name: Ebisoba Ichigen
  • Address: Sapporo City, Chuo-ku Minami 7-jo, Nishi 9-chome 1024-10
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m.
  • Website: ebisoba.com

6. Seiryuken

Source: Jun Seita

This fine place was once just a street stall and it has been there for almost five decades. Today it is a nice restaurant serving one of the most delicious and popular pork soup with herbs. It offers a simple but still wonderful flavor that perfectly matches the straight noodles. Even though it’s been there for years, the taste of this Hakodate ramen is the same. Because of that, there are often very long queues in front of this restaurant.


  • Name: Seiryuken
  • Address: 7-3 Wakamatsu-cho Hakodate-shi
  • Tel:  0138-22-0022
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.
  • Parking: No

7. Ramen Horan

You will simply love this place. It is a very popular restaurant opened back in 1950s, and a lot of ramen lovers from all over Japan come there to enjoy the famous Hakodate ramen noodles. Their extraordinary soup is prepared with pork and chicken meat and the perfect Hakodate noodles are a great match to this delicious soup. You will enjoy every single drop of it.


  • Name: Ramen Horan
  • Address: 5-13 Wakamatsu-cho Hakodate-shi
  • Tel: 0138-22-8086
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m.
  • Parking: No

8. Ramen Kura

ramen kura
Source: Raelene Gutierrez

You will be delighted when you try the delicate pork base ramen here, and their salt flavored soup is highly recommended. The soup has a kind of fine sweetness that perfectly goes with nice wavy noodles and unbelievably delicious roast pork. The soup is usually nicely garnished with some blanched leak and red ginger. This restaurant also serves great rice balls stuffed with roast pork and this is something you must not miss when you go there. Enjoy!


  • Name: Ramen Kura
  • Address: 4-32-chome 5-jo Toyooka Asahikawa-shi
  • Tel: 0166-32-2345
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 08.30 p.m.
  • Parking: Yes

9. Ramen Senmon Tsuruya

You should visit this Asahikawa restaurant and try the true Asahikawa ramen. Their soup is made with pork and fish stock which gives the rich flavor to it. The ramen they make was awarded at the competition and it has become extremely popular. You will just love the taste of the nice wavy noodles covered with this unique and tasty soup. If you prefer, you can choose to take some healthier items, such as ramen with vegetables which is, because of the sweet vegetable flavor, particularly popular with women.


  • Name: Ramen Semnom Tsuruya
  • Address: Hidari1 10-go 19-chome 4-jodori Asahikawa-shi
  • Tel: 0166-31-5814
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
  • Parking: Yes

10. Ramen Kashiwaya

If you come to this place, you will taste the great Kushiro ramen noodles they serve in a unique soup with soy sauce. They are extremely careful about choosing only the best and the tastiest Hokkaido ingredients. Their soup with chicken and pork meat perfectly match the wonderfully prepared noodles, and on the top of the dish you get some delicious charcoal grilled pork. You will enjoy their dish prepared with utmost care.


  • Name: Ramen Kashiwaya
  • Address: 3-9-4-chome Showachuo Kushiro-shi
  • Tel: 0154-52-8870
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.
  • Parking: Yes

As you can see, there are really numerous choices, you only have to choose where to go. And wherever it is you are sure to have an enjoyable and delicious meal that will make you come back and try some more.

Have a good trip and travel!