10 Things To Do in Montserrat :Spain

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Montserrat, Spain
Source : Alisha Putri

Montserrat, city of the beautiful mountain with multiple peaks is located near the city Barcelona, Catalonia of Spain. Composed with some of the popular peaks of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range like Sant Jeroni, Montgrós, and Miranda de Les Agulles, It is famous among the tourist for hiking and climbing. There are  abandoned hovels in the cliff faces along the way that was inhabited by reclusive monks.  Montserrat which means “saw mountain” in Catalan, It is Spain’s first National Park. If you have a planning a trip to Montserrat, here are 10 things you can do in Montserrat.

1. Visit the beautiful Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat Monastery
Source : Wenjie, Zhang | A Certain Slant of Light

Located on the mountain of Montserrat, lies the Montserrat Monastery which is a fantastic view of the hillsides around. Away from the noise and distraction of the city, Montserrat is it is a tranquil place with an excellent view of the hills.  It reflects the cultural and spiritual life of Catalonia. 48 kilometres west of Barcelona, you can get to Montserrat by road, train or cable car. It is a place to go when you go to Montserrat.


2.Enjoy Hiking to Sant Jeroni

Sant Jeroni
Source: Jocelyn Kinghorn

At a height of 1,236 metres above sea level lies the mountain Sant Jeroni. It is a great place for hiking which is a walk of about 2 hours to the top depending upon your stamina. But if you decide to drive to the top in about 1 hour. Through the way, you can see the beautiful views and enjoy the scene of nature. If you plan on going to Montserrat and love hiking, Sant Jeroni is not a place to be.


  • Name: Sant Jeroni
  • Address: Marganell, Barcelona, Spain
  • Elevation: 1,236 m (4,055 ft)
  • Tel: +34 822 07 00 00

3. Ride Cable Car at Aeri de Montserrat

Aeri de Montserrat
Source: Teresa Grau Ros

Aeri de Montserrat is an aerial cable car which is one of the best means of transportation in Montserrat. Although, it seems just a ride, doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. You can get a snap of the total city from the cable car. The view of the mountain and the temples is actually quite astonishing. You can get a base idea where you want to go in Montserrat. And if you don’t have much time to stay in Montserrat, it is the best way to get a quick tour.


4. Visit Montserrat Museum

Montserrat Museum
Source: Jocelyn Kinghorn

Montserrat Museum showcases the most artistic and archaeological heritage at the thousand-year-old Abbey of Montserrat. It shows the history of the Monastery and the finest artworks. The well-known artists like Picasso, Salvador Dali, Monet and others. Also, there are painting by the popular Catalan artist Dega and Caravaggio. If you are a fan of art, it is a place definitely worth going.


5. Santa Cueva de Montserrat

Santa Cueva de Montserrat
Source: Enrique López-Tamayo Biosca

Santa Cueva de Montserrat is a  is the hillside cave on the walk up to the hill. It is where the Virgin of Montserrat  was hidden in the Moorish invasions. It is a sacred place where people  leave offerings or pray for a wedding, a birth and other special occasions. It is a place appreciated even by the non-Christians of the Montserrat because of its beautiful view of the landscape.


  • Name: Santa Cueva de Montserrat
  • Address: Montserrat, Spain
  • Tel: +34 932051515

6. Go Hiking to Montana de Montserrat

Montanha de Montserrat
Source: Pablo Alejandro Araujo Granda

Montana de Montserrat is a multipeaked mountain which the best place you want to be hiking. There are many temples and beautiful chapels along the way to the top. The landscape view is a thing that also attracts the nature lovers. If  you into arts or love learning about the history, then there is Montserrat Museum where you can do that. Besides hiking, you can also take an aerial root that is the cable car or simply take a vehicle.


  • Name: Montanha de Montserrat
  • Address: Montserrat, 08199 Montserrat, Spain
  • Elevation: 1,236 m
  • Tel: +34 822 07 00 00

7. Walk through the Cami dels Degotalls

Cami dels Degotalls
Source: Jorge Franganillo

A walk along the Cami dels Degotalls will freshen your soul. Along the way, you will see a bird on the basilica and the plain to the Pyrenees.  Although you can take a ride through the Cami dels Degotalls, it is a good idea to walk along it if you want to have a good journey.


8. Enjoy nature at Montserrat Natural Park

Montserrat Natural Park
Source: TijsB

Montserrat was declared as a National park in  1987. There are over 1250 species of plants that grow on the mountain. However, It has a different meaning to the different people. For some, it is a natural park where various species of the plants grow. For some, it is a mountain where they come to hike or climb. And for others, it is a place of beauty and spirituality.


9. Montserrat Scenic Walking Tour

Montserrat Scenic Walking Tour
Source: leo gonzales

If you are a fan of walking and observing the beauty of nature, then Montserrat is the place you want to head out to. There you will find Montserrat  filled with tourist walking to observe its unique terrain. The scenic tour begins from the Montserrat Monastery, into the greenery of the jungles, and ends at the top of the hill.


10. Sant Joan Funicular Railway Ride

Sant Joan Funicular Railway
Source : marcusrg

If you want an alternative to reach the top of the hill by paying less, Sant Joan Funicular Railway will take you to the top with same fun. It is a fun ride to the top of the hill and you can also explore the caves in the way. Also, it gives you more time to spend at the top of the hill.


  • Name: Sant Joan Funicular Railway
  • Address: Montserrat , Spain
  • Tel: +34 902 31 20 20

So, you might have notice that Montserrat is the beautiful place with lots of fun things to do. If you are going to go there, you could have lots of fun things to do and it will be best time of your life.
Have a good trip and travel!

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