15 Things To Do in Soller

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Source: john mchugh

Soller is a town and municipality near Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain. The total land area of Soller is 42.80 kilometers squared with a population of 14,150. The town is rich in historical places and architecture which is mostly the main reason for tourists to visit the area.

1. Visit Puerto de Soller

Puerto de Soller is one of the famous tourists attraction in Soller. It is a seaside village that is located on a quiet bay with an amazing picturesque view, a nice harbour and boulevard with cafes and restaurant. It is best to experience sunset in this area as well.


  • Name: Puerto de Soller
  • Address:Soller, Majorca, Spain
  • Acess: 15 minutes away from Kloster Valldemossa
  • Price: Free
  • Phone: None
  • Opening hour: 24 hours
  • Website: www.trendesoller.com/en/cms.php

2. Ride the Tranvia de Soller, Mallorca

Tranvia de Soller is a vintage tram that will take you for a sightseeing around the streets of Mallorca with a guide as well. It costs approximately $10 USD. It is a great way of exploring the city without any worries of getting lost or so. Plus, you will also get to know more information about the landmarks and special architecture in the city.

3. Visit Can Prunera Museum of Modernism

Can Prunera Museum of Modernism is an amazing museum because in the outside you might think that it is very modern but in the inside you will see some restored and preserved pieces of the architecture. The interior has fantastic features such as lighting, tiles, and furniture that adds up to the brilliance of the arts inside.


  • Name: Can Prunera Museum of Modernism
  • Address: Carrer de Sa Lluna, 86-90, 07100, Soller, Majorca, Spain
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Salvia Restaurant
  • Price: $5-$7USD
  • Phone: None
  • Opening hour: 10:30AM-6:30PM
  • Website: canprunera.com

4. Stroll around Pueblo de Fornaluxt

Pueblo de Fornaluxt is small village up in the hills of Soller. You would be able to see all the buildings from the streets up here, many of them are hundreds of years old. There are also a couple of hotels and cafes around. It is a great way of exploring Soller. Definitely worth the walk.

5. Book some boat tours

If you want your visit in Soller to be extraordinary and unique then booking a boat tour would be awesome. While boating around the coastline of Soller, there will be an expert tourist guide to tell you further information about the history of the buildings around and so much more. There should be boat tour services around the beaches or coastline.

6. Visit Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu

We all know that Spain is really famous for its ancient architecture especially the churches around. In Soller, we have Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu. As you roam around inside you will feel amazing and mesmerised by the unique interior of the church. So don’t forget to visit this one before any other.

7. Relax at Jardi Botanic de Soller

If you want to involve nature with your visit at Soller, then going to this botanic garden is the best idea. There is parking along the roadside and you will see a lot of flowers everywhere and there are also trees. Just having a walk around the area would make you feel more relaxed.


  • Name: Jardi Botanic de Soller
  • Address: ctra. Palma-Puerto de Soller km 30,5, 07100, Soller, Majorca, Spain
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Salvia Restaurant
  • Price: $8USD
  • Phone: 971634014
  • Opening hour: 8:00Am-6:00PM
  • Website: www.jardibotanicdesoller.org

8. Experience paddleboarding

You might want to take your time from the busy city and relax at the beaches in Soller but to make your experience extraordinary why not try paddleboarding? There are a lot of paddleboards for rent around the beaches and I should say, by watching the people having fun you will be tempted to try it as well.

9. Book fishing charters and tours

Book your fishing charter and tours at Maverick sea, they have their own boat and all the gears needed for the activity. You will surely enjoy as you get to see big fishes and you will also get a chance to learn how to fish. This is such an amazing experience in Soller that you will surely remember.

10. Visit SA Capalleta

Capalleta is one of the damous ancient architecture in Soller. It is a chapel that has been very well-preserved and restored. The chapel is worth a visit especially if you are into ancient artifacts and history. If you hire a tour guide, you should be able to know the story behind the chapel. If you are lucky enough, you will be roaming around with locals and they should be able to tell you.

11. Do some surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing

Make your visit at Soller extraordinary and more fun by learning or trying surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You might be surprised that as soon as you go to one of the beaches in Soller, you will see a lot of people not just tourists but also locals doing these activities. Go ahead and book a lesson now.

12. Do some shopping

Of course, you wouldn’t forget shopping as you visit different kinds of places especially the gift and the souvenirs. Here in Soller, there are a variety of shops for you to choose from such as Cas Siquier, Somni, Plaza 13 Couture, ModaMania Boutique Multimarca and so much more. There are also stalls around the streets that sell local products that are great for gifts.

13. Experience the nightlife

You might think that since Soller has a historically rich background then there are no clubs and bars around but you are wrong. Spend every minute of your visit in Soller being awake at night meeting new people and having the time of your life. There are lots of bars for you to go hopping such as Saint Germain, Saint Tropez, and Altamar.

14. Visit Ecovinyassa

Go ahead and fall in love with nature as you pluck some oranges in Eco vinyasa for $10USD you will be able to pluck as much as one whole box of fruits. Visiting the place would surely make your visit in Soller memorable. It is also a great place for walking and enjoying the nature alone with great views of the forests around.


  • Name: Ecovinyassa
  • Address: Carrer Soller – Fornalutx | Carretera Fornalutx, 07100, Soller, Majorca, Spain
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Can Prunera Museum of Modernism
  • Price: $10USD
  • Phone: 34615172750
  • Opening hour: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00AM-2:00PM
  • Website: www.ecovinyassa.com

15. Have a view of Banco de Soller

Banco de Soller is one of the landmarks in Soller for its ancient architecture and yes, it is still operating. If you have an account in the UK you can use their services. If not, then just enjoy the view and appreciate the-the architecture. It is very well-preserved and restored too.

Have a good trip and travel!