10 Things to Buy in Narita Airport

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Narita what to buy
Source: Danny Choo

Most of the tourists and travelers in Japan have the option to buy Japanese gifts, items and souvenirs in Narita Airport, rather than purchase stuff in their itinerary which they would have to bring wherever they go. There are many things you can buy in Narita Airport which you can add to your shopping bags.

1. Kit Kat

Your visit to Japan would not be complete unless you buy some Kit-Kat. We’re not talking here of the Kit-Kat you can regularly buy in supermarkets and convenience stores, but the wide choices of flavors and colors of Kit-Kat, which ranges up to 100 varieties and more. Kit-Kat can be purchased in a lot of stalls in Narita Airport.

2. Pocky

Another Japanese souvenir staple that’s an ever popular snack is Pocky. You can get this snack at the Glico ya gift store in Akihabara Fa-So-La Souvenir at the third floor, in units T3 and T2. It is quite near the departure area. There are different varieties, such as the Giant Pocky, which is available in Shinshu Kyoto (grapes), Yubari (melon) and Uji matcha (green tea).

3. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo banana
Source: OiMax

When you go to Tokyo, you’ve probably seen those elongated “banana-like” bread sold in food stores and shops. These are the sweet favorite snack Tokyo Banana which is made up banana cream right inside a soft sponge cake. The cream is made up of pure natural banana flavor. You can purchase the Tokyo Banana in most souvenir shops in the departure area.

4. Tenugui

Tenugui Towel
Source: Tatsuo Yamashita

One of the beautiful handy souvenirs is the Tenugui. It is a cotton towel with different artful, cursive and colorful design. The Tenugui comes in different patterns and can make you think if you even want to use it as face wipes or you just want it to be framed, so you can hang it like an art piece n your wall.

5. Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi Dolls
Source: Carrie Kellenberger

You can also buy Kokeshi Dolls in gift shops in Narita airport. These dolls are hand-made and personally crafted from wood, and come in various animated expressions. You can find a lot of different styles such as contemporary and traditional designs. You can get Kokeshi Dolls at Tenshodo, at the 3rd floor and Satsumaya at the 4th floor.

6. Japanese Fans

Source: Alberto Garcia

Other must-have souvenirs you should buy in Narita Airport are beautifully made Japanese fans. The best thing about these fans is their extraordinary designs which can also be hung in your workstation or office as an artwork. You can find different styles and designs of Japanese fans at the 4th floor In Satsumaya Okutanien and Kyoto Craft Mart at the 1st floor.

7. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
Source: Cosplay Vogue1

A visit to Japan would be worthwhile if you can get your hands on some original Hello Kitty items. There are many gift suggestions that you can find. The Hello Kitty goods can come in various sizes, colors and designs. Hello Kitty is a great gift for girls and teens. You can find some at Bee Box at the 2nd floor and Hello Kitty Japan at the 4th floor.

8. Pokemon

Source: Luis Villa del Campo

Who doesn’t know Pokemon? It is one of the most popular shows in the world and it is only right to get your hand with some Pokemon items. Did you know any Pokemon characters? Aside from the ever popular Pikachu, there’s up to 720 other Pokemon characters. There’s a Pokemon store at the 4th floor in store number T2.

9. Geta

Source: ThisParticularGreg

If you like to have a walk around the block with some Asian inspired flip flops, make sure to buy a pair (or more) of the traditional Japanese footwear Geta. These are elevated footwear made of a wooden base with a colorful and well-designed fabric thong. Perfect to wear when you go to the beach.

10. Anime, Games, and Manga

Manga Narita
Source: Danny Choo

If you have some boys in the family, your Japanese trips would not be complete if you don’t buy some Japanese Manga or Anime toys and gifts. There are lots of choices from characters in popular Anime shows such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Slam Dunk, Attack on Titans and more. Find some great stuff at Cospa Akihabara Satellite Station the 4th floor.

Your Japanese trip will definitely be complete if you pack your bags and luggage with some gifts and souvenirs from stores along Narita Airport. These can be a great memorabilia for you and your loved ones at any time of the year.

Have a good trip and travel!

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